glass-cockpit for VFR-flight


The especially for use in VFR-aircrafts designed system is based on two color display-instruments.

    VP-EFIS:     electronic flight-information-system

        The VP-EFIS shows all relevant flight data graphically on a transflective color-TFT-Display.
        A Moving Map with airspace warning and GPS based Route management supports the Pilot.

        Peschges Variometer has laid by the development big value on the easiest operation and highest customizability of the instruments, by which the training is possible in the system of the pilot in the shortest time.


    VP-EMS:     electronic engine monitoring system

        The VP-EMS shows the indication of the primary engine data like RPM, manifold pressure, as oeltemperature and -pressure on the well know roundscale display with pointer.
        The transflective color display guaranties
        a very clear and best readability from bright sunshine to dark night, as it was unknown untill now in this category of instruments.
        Alarm function for all important engine data, checklists, weight and balance and many more functions unload the pilot and provides much more security in the cockpit

VP-EFIS and VP-EMS move your cockpit into the 21. century

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